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Welcome to Lanc's Cat House!!!!!!

As, most of you know, part of my family is made up of cats. I have decided to bring them a touch of the virtual world as they are curious as to what I do. They bring much joy when I am either on the computer or play. It seems that they are kinda looking over my shoulder, sorta speaking, watching my every move. Sometimes we fight for the chair but they usually sit back and watch the screen!!!! After I post their pics, they can introduce themselves.

Hey guys, come on wake up!!! Mom has gotten that camera out and ... Anyway I am Tuffy, the old man of the crew, and these are my buddies; Tabi and Willie. As you can tell, we have a tough life, actually the toughest part is convincing mom we can stay out all night.
  Dang... caught me again. I am Willie,as Tuffy told you, and I really do other things then just sleep. But I try to stay out all night so I sleep a lot during the day. Being a big game hunter that I am, it takes plenty of rest.
  They call me Bobbi cause I have a bob tail, a la natural, I might add. I am the baby so far so I get to help mom do her wedding stuff. The best part is the bows, they are nice and fluffy until I get to them but hey I am only six months old.
  Uh, oh .. Smokie here, second youngest, besides having some pretty markings on my side, I get to sleep with Dad. He has a nice chair to sit on too.. what? a camera!! ... let me get out of the way.. Mom is always taking a shot of Bobbi.. she's the baby and needs all the attention...