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   As you join me in the heather, on a hillside in Scotland, watching the soft and misty sea, (I) would like for you to meet some of my friends. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very pleasant and enjoyable to be around. They have not only aided in my experience on the computer but have shown much love to me thus making the title song very appropriate. I dedicate this page to each of you!!! 
*Friends    that    I    have    met    along    the    way*

D.L.T.S.           CCStyle          Peggy          yasmine

Maria             DL             mhp           Jan

Jordyn           City Girl1         AngelC              bilbobaggins

Char              jbo              Tiffany1           Charlee

Dennis          Barb                  Bear            curlyq

Aria               mimitoo            Bonnie              Mallory

Rohi              Zamar             Lizza              Jo

BettyBoop001            Bama            ^scooter^            funshine

JoellLynn            StarWing            Monique            Teaa

virgo            Angela1            bdi            Cinderilla

Dolls            funshine            munchkin            Huracane

TammyJo            Wendy            Melissa            patti crass

KitKat96          unsure           Pilleriin          Tara/Carolinaf

bookkeeper         Sparkee         Vicky         Cutie

If you snuck in and I don't have you linked , Please let me know!!

*CandidEleyne's Cabin* 
"See her work" 
*About Lanc* 
"Lanc revealed!!!" 

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