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Most of you by now, know me by either lanc or Richard. I will use this time to fill in some blanks that you might have about me. Oh, BTW, if you have(some blanks), don't feel bad, as I have had them for years. I have a son (Cory, 22) and a daughter (Stacie, 20) that both live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; am married (Rosie), who is a floral designer and I work for the government. We presently have seven (7) cats, by the Grace of God. I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, with a sobriety date of 8 September 1990 and a sober date of 11 September 1992. I have been on the "net" since approx. April 1997 but have met many friends along the way. Besides yard work and golf, other areas of interest (learning and/or doing)are chatting, ICQ, Anew Web Design, and selling computers and components from Texas or if you are in Canada. If you happen to order something, tell them Lanc sent you. If you find a better deal, tell me. 

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